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Robert Henry Art

I'm New England Artist, Robert H. Milaschewski,

and this is my collection.

I have lived throughout New England in Vermont

and New Hampshire.

Currently residing in North Berwick, Maine.

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Robert H. Milaschewski is a New England Abstract Artist. Known to his family and friends as "Bob" he was born in New Jersey

in 1957, he grew up just a few minutes drive to New York City, and as a young man he found himself wandering the streets of NYC

gathering ideas for the future. The images of city architecture stayed with him for his lifetime, and these memories can be seen

throughout his catalogue.  Robert studied Art at Ramapo College in Mahwah, New Jersey as a young man and then moved to Vermont

in 1987. He spent a decade painting murals and applying self-designed stencils throughout New England.  Bob is mostly a self-taught

artist, but later continued with some formal education at Northern University of Vermont, where he studied under the tutelage of

Barbara Malloy, who inspired his love for Abstract Art. His years after Northern University of Vermont have included extensive

travel with his wife, Donna. They traveled throughout the United States where Bob gathered images in his journals to inspire

him for many decades.  In 2020, their travels brought them to Southern Maine where he is enjoying new landscapes and scenery.


In 2022 Robert became an Artist Member with The Art Guild of the Kennebunks, and is now more creative than ever.

We are all looking forward to the next very creative years to


Thank you for visiting the artist, Robert Henry Milaschewski, he is a blessing and joy to everyone who knows him.

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Robert's Museum is a collection of
his art throughout his long career. 

This collection of works are in his private collection, have been given as gifts or otherwise not for sale.  As you can see, he enjoys working with many media and creates a variety of designs. 

Painting, building, sculpting, designing, repurposing, Steam-Punking and anything interesting to the artist.

Robert's Museum

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